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After you download our theme from Themeforest you will have and when you extract you will see:

  • 1. Demo
  • 2. Documentation
  • 3. Licensing
  • 4.

Install theme

  1. Log into your WordPress
  2. go to Appearance -> themes then click on "add new"
  3. In the "Add new" page, click “Upload Theme”
  4. In the "Upload" page, click “Browse” to browse for the theme installation file in donwloaded package Click "Install Now".
  5. After installed successfully, click "Activate" to make the Applay active

Import Demo Content

  1. Log into your WordPress
  2. go to tools -> import then click on (install) WordPress
  3. After you done install click (Run Importer) WordPress
  4. Then choose fortuni.xml

Setup menu

  1. go to Appearance -> menu
  2. add your menu and check "theme locations menu"


  1. Go to Appearance -> and click on (Customize)
  2. Click on Site Identity
  3. Click on (Logo) for upload image
  4. And Choose image for your logo

Setup homepage post template

  1. go to page -> click on add new
  2. For homepage style please choose page template style on the right sidebar "template" (and choose page template you want)

Setup post format

  1. go to post edit or add
  2. then choose post format (standard, gallery, quote, video, audio)
  3. On section post format will display options depend on post format you choose

Setup fullwidth post

  1. go to post edit or add
  2. then choose post format (standard, gallery, quote, video, audio)
  3. Scroll down and check on (single post full) for fullwidth post

Social icons header

  1. go to Appearance -> Customize
  2. Then click on Theme Options
  3. Then click on Social Header Link
  4. Then click fill social link you want

Theme Options

  1. Go to Appearance -> customize
  2. Then Click on Theme Options
  3. Then select options you want to custom (Logo, General setting, Typography, Blog & Single Post, Social Header Link, Footer)

Setup contact page

  1. For setup contact page please click on begin install plugin (this message will display when you active "wave" theme)

  1. For setup your contact form please go to (Contact -> add new) and it display setting form or you can use default form

  2. Copy your contact form shortcode on the blue hightlight

  1. go to page -> add new

  2. then paste your contact form shortcode for display contact form

Getting to know the Elementor page builder

  1. Panel (Top): Use the search field to find a widget.
  2. Widgets / Widget Settings: Choose a widget and configure it.
  3. Preview Button: Enables you to preview the page. Once clicked it hides/shows the panel.
  4. Panel (Bottom): View page, Go back to Dashboard or Save page.
  5. Content Area: Drag & drop widgets and design your page.
  6. Add New Section / Add Template: Choose between creating a new section or inserting an existing template.

Creating your page layout

This is a really basic and fundamental tutorial about using Elementor, and is the first part of three tutorials we will publish that concerns with using sections and columns in Elementor to build and control your page layout on WordPress.

After you create a section you can drag and drop a widget inside. You can also divide each section to few columns. Every page you create can contain as many sections as you want. You can drag a section above or under another one to relocate it.

  1. Add New Section: Click this button to create a new section or simply drag a widget from the panel and drop it in the content area.
  2. Select Yout Structure: Choose a structure for your section (Later, you can edit the exact width of every column). You can edit, duplicate or delete a section. You can also save it as a template or add a new section above.

All the elements of Furtun Wordpress Blog & Magazine Theme

Feature Grid Post

Small List Post

Medium List Post

Grid Post

List Post

Medium Right List